Protecting Yourself Against An Attacker


Protecting yourself against an attacker is important to us. That’s why we create realistic attack scenarios so you gain the proper training and knowledge in reality based self-defense.

We have taught military and law enforcement units around the world with these same proven techniques. While practicing our tactics you are taught to understand the psychological and mental aspects of the attack to maximize your survival skills and perform under stress. Learn how to defeat any attacker armed with guns, knives, clubs, bottles, bats, etc.


Learn from the best as we teach the beginnings of our Reality Based Self-Defense most common attacks and defenses, an introduction to our Functional Fitness Program, (Maximum Results, Minimum Equipment, Minimal Time) and Nutrition.

We incorporate a fit test and body measurements at the start and end to track results! Everyone has different reasons to join the challenge such as learning reality based self-defense, weight loss, strength gain, improved cardio, just up for a challenge, etc.

Whatever your reason we will make sure you achieve your goals!

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Over the course of two, 10 – 12 hour days, in a safe environment you will learn our comprehensive and modern curriculum to defend yourself from all four areas of combat:

– Gun attacks

– Knife attacks

– Standing and Ground grappling

– Striking plus so much more!

A lifetime of knowledge packed into two intense days.

There is no faster way to learn self-defense!


Dennis Stoika specializes in reality based self-defense, grappling, firearms, functional fitness, nutrition, coaching, and speaking. He has been a federal law enforcement officer since 1998, and is a former police officer and United States Marine.

Dennis Stoika